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(SUNDAYS at 9:30 AM)

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Church Services on 7-14-2024
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Church Services on 7-14-2024

Current Series

Songs of God's Story
a series in the Psalms

"Songs of God's Stories" is a summer preaching series that delves into the rich narratives and timeless wisdom of the Psalms. In this series, we explore the Psalms to uncover the profound stories of faith, struggle, and divine intervention that offer spiritual nourishment for believers.

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Past Teachings

Find older, past sermons below, categorized by their Sermon Series Title. Click the button to go to the playlist to watch the full sermons.


Renewed: How God Builds a Community

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Advent Series 2023

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Single Sermons

long road to throne.jpg

Long Road to the Throne

Growing Joy - Philippians series.png

Growing Joy

strength from weakness.jpg

Strength from Weakness

who is jesus.jpg

Who is Jesus?

Wisdom for Living.jpg

Wisdom for Living

king and his authority.jpg

The King and His Authority


Sermons 2021

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